$$$  Money-Making Business Audit  $$$

Need some feedback on your website or brochure?
Run out of new marketing ideas?
Or need to get clear about where you’re going in your business?

In this session, you get a whole hour to ask for feedback, comments and/or critique on any part of your business where you’re stuck or just need some fresh ideas.

Here are some ways in which you can use that hour:

• Bounce new ideas around (new services, new marketing ideas, etc.)
• Review your website, brochure or any other business materials (that includes suggestions about editing, too!)
• What to charge clients for your products or services

• Get clear about your business… why you’re doing it, who your ideal clients are, and where you’re going
• Support for changes you’re thinking of making
• Anything else you can think of!

This is a power-packed session! Come prepared with your arsenal of ideas, thoughts and concerns, and I’ll help you sort through them and get you to a happy place. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover when an expert (that would be me) can help you.

This hour can be broken into 2 parts. If you would like your website reviewed, I could spend 30 minutes recording a video with me analyzing your site, then the other 30 minutes could be scheduled for a later date where I could field any questions that you might have (phone session will be recorded as well).

Here’s to making your website and marketing materials as FABULOUS as you are!

One-Hour Session     phone | $95
Half-Hour Session    phone | $65

Printed Materials

Most businesses will need printed materials at some point – brochures, business cards, flyers, posters, signage, etc. I’ve worked with all kinds of companies to help them get the most for their money. Call me, and I would be happy to help you decide what you need, and we can work together to find cost-effective solutions.

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