Hi, I’m Karen…

karen_contact_2I have been a graphic designer for almost 20 years, and I love it! I started working in corporate America doing advertising, logos, and print design for all kinds of businesses, including restaurants, foundations, and associations.

In recent years, I found that as I did my graphic work, I could intuitively connect with my clients and their deep-down purpose for their business. I could sense what kind of style they wanted as well as colors and layout of a brochure or website.  I have actively pursued this intuitive work and continue to hone my senses and skills. Ultimately, I feel this work is what I have been called to do in the world.

I’m passionate about designing for heart-centered businesses, for people with a real need to make a difference in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a massage therapist, an acupuncturist or a property manager… we all share a common goal to be of service and to prosper ourselves.

I truly believe that we can make money doing what our hearts tell us to do. I am. And I want to share my passion with you. We are here to support each other, and I am overjoyed that I can support you and your business with design.


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