Testimonials are POWERFUL! They provide social proof and show potential clients that you have done a great job for someone else. It might feel like you’re bragging about yourself, but I like to think of it as just another part of business that I must do to be successful.

How do you get great testimonials?
First of all, your work has to be great! Whether you’re a dog groomer or a florist, your final product or service needs to be fantastic. Then all you have to do is ASK your client for a review, either on the phone, in person or in an email.

Is there a system to getting testimonials?
Having a system to get testimonials from clients will make your life easier. For example, after a project is completed, send an email requesting a testimonial or direct them to a page on your website where a form is set up. Make sure that it is EASY for them to give this to you.

What if I ask and they don’t send me a testimonial?
That definitely does happen! Try not to take it personally. People are just busy and they forget, or just simply don’t want to do it. I normally get about 75% of the reviews that I ask for, so I keep asking.

What if someone gives me a negative review?
Unfortunately this does happen, and I’ve found that it is largely because of a miscommunication somewhere down the line. Immediately reach out to that client to find out why they are dissatisfied. Do your best to rectify the issue with them, whether it is to do the service again or replace the product. The sooner you take care of the issue, the better! The majority of the time I am able to discuss the situation with a client, and we resolve it.

You don’t have to put a negative review on your website. However, it will probably be a good learning point for you on how to handle issues in the future.

How to use Testimonials effectively:

  1. Put them on your website on a Testimonial page or sprinkle them throughout the pages in appropriate places. If you have a course or a service, put the related testimonials near that area.
  2. Use them in social media. Definitely put testimonials on your social media pages. At the same time, provide a link to the product or service that the client is praising.
  3. Keep them relatively short. Normally clients don’t mind me editing them down if they are lengthy. Just keep the pertinent parts and let the rest go.
  4. Respect the client’s privacy. Often clients will give me a testimonial but don’t want their name used along with it. I work with them to see if using their initials is acceptable or using something generic like “A Satisfied Website Client”.
  5. Get video testimonials. Video is the way to go as long as it is kept to under a minute or so. After that, statistics show that people are just going to move on to something else. Using video is quick and easy for most people, and having the additional visual on your website makes them appealing. If you’re seeing them in person, get your phone out right then and there.

Start today by asking for testimonials from prior and existing clients and make sure that you use them to advertise your business. You will definitely reap the rewards from doing so!


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