I’ve recently been aware of the varying levels of commitment that I have in my business. Some days I just want to go hiking or shopping, and that’s ok. But some days it just seems incredibly hard to sit down at the computer and do my work. And this is the work that I’ve said that I really, really want to be doing.

Go figure?!

I sat down and make a list of the commitments that I make to myself. I asked myself it they were commitments or commit-meants. Am I really, deep-down ready to move forward with something, or am I just been meaning to get around to it?

Signs that you’ve made a Commit-meant:

  • You made the decision fairly easily. You heard someone else have a great idea, then came up with one of your own and decided right then and there to do it.
  • You mean to implement your idea soon. After all, it was SUCH a great idea at the time. The idea may get onto your calendar, but it may get easily overlooked by other pressing items.
  • You lose interest after 2 hours, 2 days or 2 weeks.

Signs that you’ve made a Commitment:

  • You’ve had the idea for a while, and it isn’t fading away over time.
  • You’ve planned for it. You’ve got ideas for funding, time, and whatever else it takes to move forward.
  • You’ve found an accountability partner to help you keep on track.
  • Your interest stays sustained, even when challenges come up.

My list contained a few of both, and I’m actively working on the ones that I’m truly committed to.

Clarity rocks!!